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The first blog post ever!

Well, we decided to give this blogging thing a chance. I mean who doesn't love a good blog? After all, that is how we discovered how to make a cookie in a mug, edible cookie dough, and the infamous Funfetti dip. So...obviously people are already successful on writing blogs for those of us sweet tooth's out there, but we wanted to give this whole bridal blog thing a try. We will spill our latest little secrets to you about our new gowns, pretty little frills, and Meg Jewelry of course! Heck, we will talk about anything to do with saying, "I DO"! Venues, colors, cakes, oh my! So join us will you? This will be fun. In the mean time, go try the cookie in a cup recipe and let me know if you went back for cookie #2.

Ta ta for now,


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