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Love ya mom...

With mom’s day tomorrow, what a perfect time to chat about what your mom should wear on your wedding day! We have had so many stylish moms come to the shop lately who are not afraid to show a little leg and wear a little bling. We absolutely love these two moms dresses. The dress on the right is one of our best fitting lace dresses for the MOB (mother-of-the-bride) or MOG. Pencil skirts are great for moms of all shapes and sizes. This one in particular will show off their natural waist, which will enhance their hourglass shape or help make one! Moms love the forgiveness of this lace. There are some really gorgeous color options in this little number. It is one of those dresses that can handle almost any accessory. Marissa’s personal favorite is completing it with a Jaxie ( belt and Meg Jewelry necklace ( This dress is by Watters and Watters ( This little lova’ on the left is great for all seasons. The silk organza makes it super light for summer, but could be paired with a fabulous tight and booty for winter. This shape works really well on moms who are straight up and down, or who love to accentuate their small waistline. The full skirt makes this dress super comfortable and perfect for bustin’ a move all night! We are so in love with champagne colored crystals, so the Meg necklace pictured is the perfect added element. Siri ( is the designer of this dress and features plenty of gorgeous colors, and did we mention it is 100% silk and made in the USA?! Awesome.

Mom’s F.A.Q.

Can I wear black?

Mom’s can absolutely wear black! Black is chic, classic, and super flattering. If your mom loves herself in black…let her wear black. We have so many color options with our dresses as well if she chooses to brighten her look up a bit!

Do I have to wear long if the other mom is?

Absolutely not. We cannot stress enough that your mom should choose a dress that truly suits her. We have MOB’s wear short and MOG’s wear long. If the MOB loves her legs, she should show them off in a cocktail style dress. Ultimately, when it comes down to color and length moms should wear what they feel comfortable and beautiful in!

Is tea length a flattering length?

Typically we do not recommend tea length, as it is a very hard length to wear. When dresses hit mid-calf (tea length), it tends to make us ladies look shorter. When we wear cocktail length (knee length or right below) it gives the illusion that we are a little taller. So don’t be afraid to show a little leg, moms!

Don’t forget to check our fabulous mom’s dresses at Happy Mother’s Day to all of the fabulous mom’s out there!

Ta ta for now,


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